The West Side Story . . .

Ed Ramsay started his first printing operation in End Street 40 years ago. He matriculated at Queens College in Queenstown in 1967 and did his apprenticeship at Metal Box in Vanderbijlpark. He attended Smit Street Tech where he received his diploma for printing, having received the highest marks in South Africa for all 3 years. He grew up on a farm in the Ficksburg area and was able to learn to speak an African language fluently. Ficksburg is well renowned for it’s Cherry Festival, he soon realised that the only “Cherries” available were on the trees. This made him move to the big city where he met his wife Elmarie. Elmarie used to do all the artwork in End Street 40 years ago. She is now responsible for our internal sales. Their two daughters, Cindy and Michelle qualified as graphic designers. Having worked at Westside for many years, both are doing exceptionally well in their own businesses. Cindy concentrates on revamping restaurants and franchises, printing her own wallpaper and wrapping cars. Michelle and her husband run a very successful construction business, they refurbish large industrial factories to be converted into domestic living homes.

What our clients have to say …

Just to say thank you for the ABSA scarves you printed for us and for all the effort you put in to get them approved by ABSA’s marketing team, (believe me not an easy task). We truly appreciate it as you can imagine this is one of our company’s mayor corporates.

Much appreciated.

I would like to thank all the staff of Westside Print who helped in one way or another to get this order (60 ties) out in the VERY short period of time which was given.The ties came out great and the quality is amazing.
Thank you for your understanding of situation that makes things difficult to operate smoothly sometimes. Also for all the professionalism with which I was helped with.
Have a great day further.

A big thank you to all for the sterling effort to get out all  our orders by today.     we really appreciate your hard work and assistance to keep our customers happy.

I would like to thank you for the extremely prompt
Delivery on these Big 5 Shirts.  Outstanding service & Much appreciated.

The team was very impressed with your design

Thank you very much for the stunning shirts.  We will definitely order from you in future and will also advertise for you.  I will request people to use my name when they order JJJ and off course the number on our shirts can also advertise for you.  Thanks again!!!!

Our shirts are amazing and you are an great asset to the company.  Thank you once again for the awesome design.  Everybody LOVES it!!

Stunning Stunning, this tie is WOW.

Thank you very much to you and your staff with your assistance with the order for Valvoline runners they look stunningJ

Some of the end users our clients deal with

We are proud to say that we have done work for various clients from large corporations to individuals. No job is too big or too small to handle. We take pride in our quality, products and service.